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Mangro Mud


MangroMud project is a collaboration between Utrecht University and Anton de Kom University in Paramaribo. Together with different stakeholders the team integrates the use of  satellite images, in situ observations and hydrodynamic models to help us better understand these coastal processes.


Anton de Kom Universiteit
Anton de Kom Universiteit is together with Utrecht University responsible for the academic role, knowledge generation and advanced methodology development. Read more
NWO-WOTRO Science for Global Development programmes, funds and monitors innovative research on global issues, with a focus on sustainable development and poverty reduction. Read more
WWF Guiana
WWF Guiana is active in the field of coastal protection to safeguard the coasts for turtles, mangrove forests, migrating birds and sustained fishery with local people. Read more
Conservation International
Conservation International Suriname supports green economic development and focuses together with local people on ecosystem servicing and is leading Building with Nature Projects. Read more
Wetland International
Wetland International has a worldwide focus on wetland and mangrove conservation and plays an important role in upscaling the methodology and expertise to other mangrove ecosystems in Asia and Africa. Read more
UNDP Suriname
UNDP Suriname played an important role in the Paris COP21 and raising awareness on effects of climate change and sustainable management projects Read more
National Institute for Environment & Development (NIMOS) is the advisory agency to the government for the environment and sustainable development, handing out permits for logging, sand & gold mining and building with nature project. Read more